Heroes, Herds, and Horsemanship

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Horsemanship and Recreation for Veterans

At Warhorse Legacy Foundation, we provide programs in horsemanship, outdoor recreation, and camaraderie to veterans free of charge, as well as offering many other recreational activities. We believe in connecting people with nature, fostering wellness, and discovering the healing potential of horsemanship. As a nonprofit dedicated to helping veterans and their families, we work to ensure high quality opportunities for veterans. Thus, our programs are still in the pilot stage. Horsemanship classes follow curriculum set by the Certified Horsemanship Association. We intend to present other proven programs developed by Eagala, Monty Roberts Join Up™, and PATH, as well as others.

A veteran-centered approach is at the heart of everything we do.

Horses at Home

The Second Careers for Horses Program has been successfully run by the Arkansas Equine Foundation for the last 11 years and has re-homed over 300 horses that were donated by very good owners who received tax benefits for their donation. WLF will fund this program, and many of the horses will serve at the Ranch. Approved veterans’ organizations and other organizations using horses in their programs can adopt these animals free of charge.

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Equine Programs

Have you Herd? Warhorse Legacy Foundation’s Equine Programs center around the person (heroes) and families/communities (herds). We also focus on relearning how to navigate life in a fair, honest, and trusting way while practicing self-regulation… which is where horsemanship enters the equation. We offer Equine Assisted Activities which help veterans to reestablish peace of mind, clarity, and confidence by using unique, abstract, horse-centered lessons. Our Equine Programs relate back to life through reestablishing healthy choices, fair communication, trusting in relationships, and integration into a “herd” setting. Heroes, Herds, and Horsemanship is a year-round program in three phases. These activities are created to offer the new-to-horses veteran the ability to interact and learn everything they would need to know to confidently apply for the Warhorse Horses at Home Program if they so choose. Additionally, working through the phases provides our veterans with skills, experiences, and a sounding board that only our equine co-workers can teach. All lessons are under the guidance of our Equine Director who is Path, INTL certified as well as EAL certified through the OK Corral. Lessons are free to all veterans.

Complementary Wellness Treatments

At Warhorse Ranch, we are excited to offer ​on site​ complimentary wellness treatments to veterans. These treatments are designed to work in conjunction with traditional treatments, and alongside our equine and recreational activities. Currently, we have a hyperbaric oxygen chamber (for treatment of wounds and general wellness) and one of the only ​Biocharger NG™ units in the state of Arkansas. A biocharger is a subtle energy revitalization device for focus, performance, sleep, and recovery. 

Family Activity Days

At this time, family activities are limited to the spouse, children, and/or caregiver of the veteran. Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis. Groups of more than four must have a pre-approved itinerary. General activities are scheduled 48 hours in advance on predetermined family days.

Family activities may include:



Pre-planned horsemanship demonstrations or activities


Hiking on the trails


Specific events planned by WLF staff and volunteers




Fishing in one of three stocked ponds

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